5 Reasons why you should come to this year’s Filmhouse Festival!

It’s this year’s big party, but that’s not the only reason why you should come. I’ve got 5 more reasons!

Our Rooftop open-air movie screenings are awesome

I love throwing our rooftop movie screening parties. There’s just something about the the place in the evenings. If you weren’t here last year, just take a look at this and tell me it’s not awesome.

FF Rooftop Shot

It’s nice, windy and spacious so the kids can run around and everyone else can relax in a picnic-style environment. We’re going to have some of our friends from Relish, Little Wimbly Lu and Udders up on the rooftop as well so that we have some yummy treats while watching the movie! The large space also allows us to have a large screen so we can project the movie in HD!

We’re Screening Big Hero 6!

From Walt Disney Animation Studios, the team behind Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph, comes Big Hero 6, an action-packed comedy-adventure about the special bond that develops between Baymax, a plus-sized inflatable robot, and prodigy Hiro Hamada. When a devastating event befalls the city of San Fransokyo and catapults Hiro into the midst of danger, he turns to Baymax and his close friends adrenaline junkie Go Go Tomago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred. Determined to uncover the mystery, Hiro transforms his friends into a band of high-tech heroes called “Big Hero 6.”

Jean Danker is coming!

You know, Jean has been here for every Filmhouse Festival, since our first major screening of Wreck-it Ralph. I really like it that she tries to connect with everyone of us and makes us all feel like part of the Village. This year, I’ve invited her back once again to play games, hang out and have fun with everyone.
Jean Danker

Photo Booth Opportunities aplenty!

I can tell you that this year’s photo booth is gonna work like magic. Basically, you can get a print of your Instagram Pics just by snapping a pic, hashtagging it #myvillagesg and then posting it up. Once you do that, our printer will magically pick up your photo from Instagram and print it out! It’s like magic, I tell you.

Photo booth

It’s family-bonding time!

I saw so many families have fun last year. If there is one thing I love, it’s watching kids running around and entire families enthralled by the magic happening on screen. Sitting amongst all of you, I loved listening to the kids sing “Let it Go” with all the lyrics already in their head. It’s just wonderful.


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