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A New Signature Drink at myVillage

26 Nov 2014

Ah Sam’s Cold Rooftop Bar presents “The Paramount”.

Inspired by conversations with people in our neighbourhood.

The clever people at our new pop up bar heard some of your stories and pooled their brain cells (and taste buds) together to create a new drink that is sure to tickle the edges of your memories, and trigger a sense of nostalgia.

The new drink, named “The Paramount”, is inspired by memories of a pineapple drinks stall that was outside the Paramount theatre in the good old days. Many movie goers and students would go to the store to get pineapple drinks sold in plastic bags, complete with chunks of pineapple in the drink.

Ah Sam’s Cold Drink Stall took the idea of the humble pineapple drink and ran with it, eventually coming up with their own interpretation of the drink. The Paramount has Gin, homemade pineapple syrup and lemon barley tea, making it a refreshing drink perfect for a end of day tipple.

In case you’re wondering, the rooftop pop-up bar is open:
Day: Every Friday and Saturday
Time: 6pm to 12 midnight
Location: myGarden, Level 3

Remember, this rooftop pop-up will be open for a limited period only so do come down to have your very unique tipple before it disappears!

See you there…
– Hugh