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Kristen and QiuQiu’s Girl’s Day Out

5 Mar 2015

Celebrity bloggers Kristen Juliet Soh and Bong Qiu Qiu spend a girl’s day out at myVillage.


Regular Visitors

Qiu Qiu doesn’t live nearby, but visits myVillage several times a year. In her own words, “I imagine it’s gonna be very nice and cozy to be shopping at your own pace at myVillage, away from the bustling crowd, that offers a variety of stores for family needs (like FairPrice Finest, Home-Fix and Bedroom Affairs etc) and personal shopping choices (Allscript, U-design and Twobros Lifestyle Gadgets and more) where you can find gifts not just for the people around you but for yourself too! ^.^”

Yes Qiu Qiu, we’re a nice and cozy place to shop at your own pace and hope you enjoy hanging out!

Kristen, on the other hand, has lived nearby and visited us when we were still in our Serangoon Gardens Village phase. So, she remembers the good old days of hanging out at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf after a good meal at Chomp Chomp. Juliet seems to really love our little enclave: “I’ve always been drawn by the rather rustic vibe that I get from the area, and the very good food that Chomp Chomp Food Centre offers.”

We do too, Kristen. Especially after a solid dinner at Chomp Chomp and a post-meal ice-cream at Udders!

Pampering and Shopping is always awesome

The ladies spent a solid amount of time at Beyond Beauty for a spot of pampering. A bit of massage and manicure was just what the doctor ordered. They certainly looked like they enjoyed themselves under the care of the professionals at Beyond Beauty.

After that, they moved on to U-Design for a bit of shopping! There were so many accessories for the girls to choose from, and it showed in the amount of time they took to choose their favourite pieces. Earrings, necklaces and rings, updated almost weekly, were there for their choosing.

Mealtimes are magic!

Kristen and Qiu Qiu loved having lunch at Yogiyo Korean Fried Chicken. They dug into the fried chicken and throughly enjoyed the sweet soy and spicy hot versions. What surprised both of them were the finger gloves that came with their meals, which allowed them to easily handle their fried chicken without getting their hands dirty at all!

I also think I found their weaknesses when we moved to our next stop. Both ladies were so excited to have dessert at Udders, and it’s no wonder why. The good people at Udders had prepared an Ice-cream tasting menu for them to bring their tastebuds on a tasty roller-coaster. All their best flavours were on show! Bestsellers like Chocolate, Red Velvet and even Mao Shan Wang were placed alongside noted upstarts like Nian Gao. The ladies had a great time tasting the ice-creams and I think they’ll be looking forward to their next Udders trip!

It’s a Wrap!

I had so much fun hanging out with all the bloggers that took the time out to come to myVillage for my little tour. I loved hanging out with them and showing them all the little things that make myVillage the place to spend a great time at.

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