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Little Wimbly Lu

6 Jul 2014

Jiaksimipng recommends

Wimbly Lu is not an unfamiliar name in the cafe scene; the Jalan Riang cafe had been noted for serving delectable desserts such as their widely-raved waffles.


Little Wimbly Lu is the smaller branch that had recently opened at myVillage @ Serangoon Gardens, taking over former tenant Da Paolo Gastronomia. This outlet is way smaller; having only 23 seats and serves a smaller menu as compared to the main outlet. Smaller portions of their waffles, crepes and pancakes are available here, and also available here are their desserts in the usual portions, as well as coffee, tea and chocolate-based drinks.

Having heard of Wimbly Lu’s Waffles, I tried the Little Wimbly Lu Waffles; half the portion of the original served at their Jalan Riang outlet. There is an option to have it plain with maple syrup, or add a scoop of ice-cream at an additional price. A bite of the waffles had me understand what the hype was about; the fragrant eggy batter was crisp on its outside, but fluffy and airy on the inside. It is simple, no-nonsense pleasure; missing of all the fancy pretzel-like texture and Buttermilk batter. Its just so satisfying even with maple syrup drizzled over.

Root Beer Cake is also one of the favourites at Wimbly Lu that many patrons have loved. Coming in a takeaway cup, it lacks in the presentation when compared to the one served at the main outlet. The cake itself was a very moist and dense chocolate cake, and came with a slight tinge of root beer that can only be savoured while eating it slowly. There is also chocolate sauce drizzled atop the cake, and it also comes with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream at the side that I was not particularly fond of as it was a bit too bland and weak for my liking. It was great as a chocolate cake, but the idea of it being a Root Beer cake did not really hit on me.

Generally, Little Wimbly Lu feels like Wimbly Lu itself; albeit of a simpler version; definitely an impression that they had wanted to set since Day One. The namesake of it does not only describe the outlet itself, but also carries on in the menu. For those who had not tried Wimbly Lu due to its location or because of its crowd, Little Wimbly Lu would be the spot to hit to try all the signature desserts that they are known for. But head down as soon as you can; this spot seems to be getting known faster than it should be …

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