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Rachell & Peishi’s girl’s day out

26 Apr 2015

A girl’s day out at myVillage.

We invited celebrity bloggers Rachell Tan and Soh Peishi to spend a girl’s day out at myVillage.

A connection to the place
Rachell seemed to know the place very well. Apparantly, she used to visit us during the SGV days. Like she mentioned, she basically grew up here

“I still vividly remember when I came to Serangoon Garden Village’s Coffee Bean and Cafe Cartel almost everyday when I was 15/ 16 (almost 10 years ago… LOL) with my friends to mug for O Levels because the area was really cosy and we all lived around the area.

It was also the place where I hung out with boys I liked, bumped into my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend (deng deng deng!!!), got stuck in the rain many times, ate Coffee Bean’s bagel and cream cheese whenever I was studying, craved for Ming Garden’s no chopstick Laksa every other day etc…
Good or bad, those were some of the best days of my teenage years and I’ll never forget them! ^~^ ”
Those no chopstick Laksas must be pretty tasty huh, Rachell?

Fresh & Fun Buys

What’s a girl’s day out without a bit of shopping right?
I took them to U-Design to try out some accessories. They ended up spending a good part of the hour inside, trying out item after item before settling on some choice necklaces and earrings. Edwin, one of the siblings at U-Design, was kind enough to offer his assistance in helping out with their selections.


Hanging out calls for hearty meals! Rachell and Pei Shi settled in to munch on scrumptious Korean Chicken Wings as Yogiyo Chicken! It was nice to see them enjoy themselves.

Of course, they took the time after that to have ice-cream at Udders. Peck Lin, Co-founder of Udders, was kind enough to prepare a ice-cream tasting menu for them. It took their tastebuds on a roller coaster and gave everyone a better appreciation on what made Udder’s ice cream so special.

It’s a Wrap!

I had so much fun hanging out with all the bloggers that took the time out to come to myVillage for my little tour. I loved hanging out with them and showing them all the little things that make myVillage the place to spend a great time at.

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