myVillage Charity 2018

myVillage X Ling Kwang Home: The Wishlist

6 Oct – 31 Dec 2018

12noon – 8pm

Level 2 Concierge Counter

For this year’s “Gift that Keeps Giving”, we’re fulfilling the basic needs of the residents at Ling Kwang Home.

Making a List, Checking it Twice

Ling Kwang Home is a nursing home that provides the elderly with the care and attention they deserve. The Home serves a maximum capacity of 350 elderly residents, with a majority of them who are wheelchair-bound or bedridden.

This year, we’re helping them by fulfilling their wish list of basic items. These items will go a long way in keeping the residents fed, as well as keeping their environments clean.

How to Contribute

myVillage will be the collection point for all wishlist donations. Here are our collection point opening hours:
Date: 6 October – 31 December, 2018
Time: Tuesday to Friday, 12noon – 8pm
Location: myVillage, Level 2 Concierge Counter

Here is the wishlist:

  • Jevity Isotonic Liquid Nutrition 237ml can
  • Ensure Plus Vanilla Liquid 200ml package
  • Ensure Regular Powder 850gm tin
  • Glucerna SR Powder 900gm tin
  • Lifit Maxi Dapers L/M size
  • Tena Value AV diapers L/M size
  • Biscuits and cookies (700g Cream Cracker biscuits – Tin)
  • Noodles – Bowls/Cups (Bowl Noodle Chicken 80g)
  • Dishwashing detergent (Lemon 5 litres)
  • Mama Lemon Dishwash
  • Toilet rolls
  • Tissue / Wet Tissue
  • Floor cleaner (Lemon 3 litres)
  • Cereals (Instant Oats 1kg)
  • Rice (White rice 5kg)
  • Vegetables (Garlic 500g)
  • Vegetables (Large Red Onion 700g)
  • Bread (Enriched white bread 400G)
  • Dry Food (Barley 1kg)
  • Breakfast Spread (Nonya Kaya 410g)
  • Breakfast Spread (Raspberry Preserves 510g)
  • Breakfast Spread (Orange Marmalade 510g)
  • Breakfast Spread (Peanut Butter Creamy 794g)
  • Sauce – Oyster (430ml)
  • Oil – Sesame (Black – 750ml)
  • Sauce – Dark Soy (660ml)
  • Sauce – Light Soy (660ml)
  • Cooking Oil (5 litres)
  • Sugar (Coarse sugar 3kg)
  • Pest Control (600ml)
  • Noodles (400g)
  • Cocoa / Malt (1250g)
  • Milk – For Adult (Instant Fortified Cream Milk Powder 1800g)
  • Cereals (All Family Cereal Tin – Original 450g)
  • Milk – Creamer (Condensed Milk 397g)
  • Sauce – Chilli (340g)
  • Sauce – Tomato (340g)
  • Milk – Creamer (Evaporated Milk – Full Cream 400g)

Remember, every bit helps, so please contribute!

Keep Giving,

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