Wishing Well 2014

Granting a special wish to buy time

Extended until 31 July 2014


Update: This campaign has ended its run. Stay tuned for the next Wishing Well!


Churg-Strauss Syndrome is a condition which causes the body’s autoimmune system to attack itself. Mr Lee, was suddenly brought down with this disease.

Within a short period of time, Mr. Lee lost weight and his body was wracked with serious pain due to damage done by the disease to his nervous system. Besides being subjected to a large amount of medications, he could not go to work. As the family’s pillar of strength struggled to cope with the disease, his wife struggled with family finances.

His daughter, Qian Hui, is studying hard to graduate from University, get a job and support her family. In order to do this, She submitted a ‪#‎wishingwell‬ request to me and these words touched me tremendously:

“This is not a sob story that pleads for sympathy, but an act of desperation when you watch your loved ones wither before you, or your mum, the iron lady, breaks down in front of you about the finances of the family for the first time in your life. With the prize money, I will be able to buy us time.”

This year, I’ve decided to help this family in need. Qian Hui, your wish is granted.

Thank you for sharing your stories with me.

Your friend,

Watch how the Wishing Well campaign started this year by paying it forward.

This campaign has ended its run. Stay tuned for the next Wishing Well!

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